About Us

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Our Vision

We are so excited about our vision for Charmed Tails and the much loved pets. We use kind methods only and all training is positive.

We offer doggy daycare and dog boarding in our home along with pet visits and small animal boarding.

Our vision for the next few years as we grow will be lots of exciting programmes from puppy school to training for the older dogs.

This is our dream and I am so happy for you to be a part of it!

Our Story

Growing up with animals Lisa is so excited to work with them. Lisa has over 20 years experience in training dogs and over 8 years experience in behavioural training plus loves all animals and just loves working with them.

In January 2018, not feeling that where she was in life was right, Lisa started talking about her passions for animals and what she ‘should’ be doing to a friend when she finally decided to do what she always wanted to do and Charmed Tails was born. How exciting….

Meet the Team


Lisa & Zuki

Lisa is the founder of Charmed Tails. And there’s a little about her below. Lisa has 5 fur kids and our human family are also part of the team. Whether it’s DIY from the husband or cleaning out help from the kids, it’s a family affair!

The animals also have a lot to do with the running of things and are very good with settling in new FURiends! So they are very much a part of the team!

Founder & CEO

Lover and trainer of dogs, lover of all animals. Pet First Aid trained and DBS checked. Passionate about happy pets & happy owners and lover of music and dance.

Also mother of 3 and wife to Dan. We home educate too which gives us lots of flexibility and we are always on fun adventures.


Linzy & Molly

Hi everyone, my name is Linzy and I am so excited to be on board with Charmed Tails!

My passion for understanding animals started from a very young age, growing up with two dogs and twelve rabbits was amazing, I had so many friends to love and nurture, I learned that they were more than just pets, they loved back and most importantly, they were family.

When we adopted our dog Molly from rescue two years ago, I felt I had so much more to give, it is very rewarding to give her a happy and comfortable home, after being a stray for so long on the streets, I learned so much in how to understand her, how to help her overcome her fears, she is such a happy girl now, the change is magical.

We are very much looking forward to sharing our love and care for other animals, Molly and I love to walk around the countryside, so walks are something we love to do with a treat or two in tow! Each and every animal will be made to feel welcome, comfortable and well looked after, giving your animal whether you have a dog or a mouse, a home to home environment and of course a wonderful happy service.

I look forward to our new journey in Charmed Tails!

Next Steps…

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